Window Treatment Cords - A Hidden Danger

The sad news is corded blinds can be deadly for small children and for pets. Nearly one death per month (330+ deaths over the last 30 years) occurs from a child being entangled in blind cords. This is considered a hidden danger since it typically occurs in what are considered safe places for children, their bedrooms and also the living room. It also happens silently and quickly and with children up to 9 years of age.
Before you buy consider what types of blinds are best for your home. Whether you have kids or not you probably have family members or friends who have kids and when they visit keep them safe. Review the list below.
 How to Make Your Home Safe:
* Purchase cordless, motorized or window treatments that have inaccessible cords. 
* Before you buy ask questions. Do the shades or blinds have accessible cords on the front, side and/or back. Many blinds can be completely cordless.
* If you have existing window treatments examine them and relocate cribs, beds and furniture away from the windows. Also check regularly that the cords are out of reach of young children and cannot form dangerous loops.
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